Getting a Mortgage


Lenders will need the following information in order to effectively process your loan application. Please have all items below readily available for the loan process. Check with your lender of choice for what their requirements are.

o Tax Returns and W2’s for the most recent 2 years.
o Most recent pay stubs for one month
o 2 years employment history (name of company, phone # and address)
o Landlord’s name, address and phone number for last 24 months
o 3 months most recent bank statement of all open accounts (all pages)
o Retirement, 401(k), stock statements (1st quarter or 3 months, all pages)
o Most recent statement for all mortgage accounts, or equity loans (all pages)
o YTD Profit & Loss statement for current year if self-employed or 1099 (if applicable)
o Check for (approx) $400.00 to order the required appraisal
o Hazard Insurance, company, phone number and declaration page
o Copy of sales contract
o All pages from divorce decree (if applicable)
o DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility (VA Only)
o Driver’s License and Social Security Card

If refinancing, please include:

o Copy of Title Policy
o Copy of the Deed of Trust (all pages)
o Copy of the Note (all pages)
o Copy of the Settlement Statement (HUD–1)
o Copy of Present Mortgage statement or payment coupon
o Second Lien Statement

Please be aware that underwriters may require further documentation during the loan process.